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Thanks Chuck.  That's what I was afraid of.I started doing that before I posted to the group and then I hit a wall and got stuck.  The green dots are actually locked height markers on the AnyRail plans.   I have no idea where I need to place the isolaters.


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You have created a couple of reversing loops in this layout.
If you have indicated in Green where your isolators are, your correct there is not enough.
Try starting color coding your rails on paper Blue and Red or Black & Red (identify Rail A & B clearly)
If you are power routing color your turnout frogs Green along with your Isolators
Then you will be able to visualize the polarity better and show which sections you want to isolate treat as a reversing section.
There are several ways to handle these, and suggestions on Allen s website! (good reading)
Chuck Stiles

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Folks I need some help with a few polarity issues I have going on with regards to crossings.  I have put a couple of pictures of the layout up in the files section
Files->Bob P's layout

Both levels of my layout have crossings the lower has 2 and I can not seem to keep the polarity correct.  The lower level is built and the track is laid, the upper level as been started.  I didn't see the shorting problems until I was trying to configure my Switch-8's and Switch-It.  I know that I have put put some isolaters in but I'm not sure where.

Any help you could give me will be a big help!

Bob P.

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