Re: Wiring Setup

Flash Gordon


Take a look at this site on DCC wiring. About 1/3 of the way down look for heading "considerations for layout with long bus wires". It will explain why and what can be done to solve the problem.

Now some will answer that is it not important even though a bit a research has been done and published and your manufacturer recommends it. So read up and decide what is best for you. I am going with the manufacturer.

That site has many pages of useful info.

Ed S

07:50 PM 2/15/2014, you wrote:

I have a question about the length limit of 25 feet. The NEC directions say that you should use at least 14AWG wire and limit the wire length to 25 feet. Does the main and each of the sub busses each have to be 25 feet or less? Or is it the length of the main bus up to where the sub bus connects plus that sub bus length? How does this 25 foot limit work? Thanks...Johnny

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