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Flash Gordon

Hello Harry,

Welcome to the group.

This link will answer all your questions about DCC.

Basically you will want to twist all the DCC main buss and put terminators at the end of the long ones. See the article above for more info.

That is how I am handling it on my new layout and it will have three levels. Some will say over-kill but I think it is worth the extra effort to eliminate variables.

Keep us posted on your progress or questions.

Ed S

At 09:49 AM 2/15/2014, you wrote:

Hi Everybody,

I have been a model railroader for a long time now and am currently building a new layout and I want to use DCC. I have a lot of questions. What I do know about DCC I have read in magazine articles or on-line groups. The biggest question I have right now is -- The layout I am building now is multi-level (three in all) and consist of 3/4" plywood supported by metal shelf brackets. Obviously I need to keep the wiring, etc from one deck so you dont see it on the lower level. I understand I shouldnt have a bus wire longer then 30'. I could run the bus wire under the plywood, and at each bracket drop it down, under and across. This would use up 5-6" of wire for each bracket. A 15' long section of the bench work has 11 brackets so I have used up over 5' of bus run. The best idea I have is to cut a groove in the plywood to allow the wire to run over the bracket and not lose any bus lenght. I did think about drilling hole, grommets, etc-- cutting a groove is much easier!. I would run the wire thru a short piece of rubber hose to prevent any contact between the bracket and the wire as well as wire supports in between each bracket. My question is this-- will running the bus wire thru metal brackets cause a problem of any kind? The brackets on the lower level extend out to the end of the plywood, the upper two level's brackets will be shorter to allow the lighing to be attached to the underside of the plywood. Thanks for any info and Im sure I have plenty of other questions.


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