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   No, no, no, Not only will you engines keep running but the may start running on their own later on when they get power. One of those popular remote light switches could work, the conductor can carry it and operate it in an emergency.

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I have a question wouldn't it be easier to just pull the plug from the throttle doing that will stop everything.
Mike Looney
On 02/13/14, Glenn wrote:
Not to nit-pick but: Switch .75, box, .39,cover .25
I was not concerned about cost as much asavailability. These items can be found at any home center or hardware store.
The “Real” thing is hard tofind locally.
I did look at the eBay vendor cited otheritems and found this 5-pack
If I bought today I wouldn’t receivethem until between March 4th and 20th.
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The Emergency stop switch I bought is probably about as expensive as the partsyou need.

It is already assembled, painted and labeled. It is obvious to what it is.Ready for surface mount ( there are punch-outs in the bottom) and it looks veryprofessional. All I have to do is stick a wire in it.

You could use several in series.

Ed S


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           Economy light switches. Look for them in bulk boxes at the home centers. Theyare about a third the cost of the boxed variety.

           Junction boxes. I typically use the blue plastic 1x2.5x3.5 box. I drilltwo small holes about 3/8 in from the front and mount them with drywallscrews. The will take the standard switch or outlet.

           Cover plate. Get the typical face plate, rough sand it, definitely prime with asolvent based prime, and paint it what ever color you desire.

           Wire. Two-wire household wire is fine since it is a closed loop.



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