Re: Emergency stop button -- IMHO


Hi Gang:

In tool and die trade school they had Master Emergency Buttons several places around the shop. Any one could shut all the shop machines down, only the instructors could turn it back on with a key.

With Digitrax you can unplug the throttle and walk to the next plug in and the locomotive will keep going.

Missing dinner is a major crisis. What is it you wish to avoid? A runaway locomotive, a track short burning up a passenger car, fire in the boosters?


On 2/15/2014 11:19 AM, Ed S wrote:


That will not turn off all the accessories, lighting, transformers... etc.

The original idea is to shut everything down in an emergency.... like
"dinner is ready"

Ed S

At 07:05 PM 2/13/2014, you wrote:
>I have a question wouldn't it be easier to just pull the plug from
>the throttle doing that will stop everything.
>Mike Looney

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