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Hi Max:

I didn't notice the 1 Amp rating. What is the Atlas #200 relay rated for? Anyway the smaller relay can trigger a larger relay or several relays.


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Nice relay, but the ! amp contact rating is a bit on the low side to interrupt a 5 or 8 amp DCC supply (and yes I know the rating for AC is usually higher than for DC, but in this case the “AC” is switching much faster than for the usual 50/60Hz rating)  Having the contacts weld in an emergency will not help.




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Hello Glenn:

I've used the Atlas Snap Relay and found it overpriced for its "toy" construction. May I suggest commercial relays like this one:

Same function but a sealed case with rated contacts, and only $1.

I buy a lot from All Electronics and it is a hoot to visit their store!


On 2/13/2014 8:39 AM, Glenn wrote:


On a different take get an Atlas Snap relay (#200) and put it between the system and the track. Place push buttons in appropriate places around the layout.


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