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I too have the ‘retired’ disease. It’s almost a bad as the pre-retirement disorder J


I spent 20-years in the army roaming about the world. Not having the chance for a permanent layout, I accumulated scads of HO building kits and HO scenic details. Then upon retirement I changed scales.


After a brief stint in On30, I now model On20 (HOn3 track). I have managed to gather 8 suitable HOn3 locomotive chassis and enough trucks for 25 cars. All I have is a 2’ x 4’ test track with 5 switches and DCC.


My problem is time. I am now 67, besides still maintaining our estate, I have been given the household duties as well, cleaning, washing, cooking…. I figure I have 6-8-years left on my sentence, she retires then.




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You  are correct, it took a month to get my  ESB but when you are retired you tend to plan ahead, and you really don't even know what day of the week it is. But it arrived all ready to go, no assembly or painting required.

Ed S

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