Re: Emergency stop button -- Annuder Variant

Flash Gordon


Yes it is great how we digress, but fun to do on a snowy day.

Let me respond:

Motion detector.... yessssss if no motion the whole thing goes to sleep... like a dead mans switch... being retired I do nod off now and then.. great to wake up and everything is where you left it. No corn field meets.

Seriously, I just want to turn off all the power quickly if something bad happens. I can't run to the other end of the layout anymore.

Building code: In Ohio as long as any electrical item is plugged into a wall outlet, anything you do beyond that is your problem. If you hard wire into a circuit then everything has to be in conduit and boxes.

I plan to plug into a dedicated circuit that has a 10amp circuit breaker in the service panel with one "custom made heavy extension cord" to my kill switch .... then branch out with power strips for accessories.

My bedroom is above the basement layout and I do not want to wake up with smoke in my room.

If I am pulling more then 10 amps with this layout, then something will have to go, on a fixed income I can't afford the electricity.

Ed S

At 12:13 PM 2/13/2014, you wrote:

Interesting how the discussion in a forum sways back and forth.
What Ed seemed to want was a mushroom head e-stop button to disconnect all power to the layout, maybe one with multiple stations. Not sure why he wanted it but it is his RR. Seemed to already have found one on e-bay.
From there it diverged into using D-I-Y relays (some at 120V no less) or the commercially available X-10 controls or even the 'clapper'.
Then a note or two about killing only the DCC track power.
Then several methods of built-in e-stop features of various brand 'throttles' to stop a locomotive and/or possibly all DCC track voltage.
Then to using a single switch to control not only the layout, but also room lighting.
Soon we will be discussing using cannibalized IR motion detectors from an outdoor light fixture to automatically kill whole room power when leaving for grandma's house. (Or was that on a different forum?)
Someone opens the door and the ideas just pour in! Enjoy.

Please don't fiddle with 120Vac power wiring (220V for you guys down under) unless you really know what you are doing, and your local inspector and insurance company agrees.


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