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Interesting how the discussion in a forum sways back and forth.
What Ed seemed to want was a mushroom head e-stop button to disconnect all power to the layout, maybe one with multiple stations. Not sure why he wanted it but it is his RR. Seemed to already have found one on e-bay.
From there it diverged into using D-I-Y relays (some at 120V no less) or the commercially available X-10 controls or even the 'clapper'.
Then a note or two about killing only the DCC track power.
Then several methods of built-in e-stop features of various brand 'throttles' to stop a locomotive and/or possibly all DCC track voltage.
Then to using a single switch to control not only the layout, but also room lighting.
Soon we will be discussing using cannibalized IR motion detectors from an outdoor light fixture to automatically kill whole room power when leaving for grandma's house. (Or was that on a different forum?)
Someone opens the door and the ideas just pour in! Enjoy.

Please don't fiddle with 120Vac power wiring (220V for you guys down under) unless you really know what you are doing, and your local inspector and insurance company agrees.


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My basement layout is powered off on one 20A circuit that is used for layout power only, and I have a one 20A rated switch that turns off all the layout power. I have receptacles around the layout off that switched circuit, but most of the layout is powered off one central area. If I wanted multiple locations to kill the total layout power, I would use switches to operate a relay with a low voltage coil to shut off the power to that circuit.

I have more than one layout lighting circuit, but I installed a contactor and it is wired so that one switch turns off all the lights for the layout and my workshop area. I have other switches installed so that if don't need to have all the layout lights on if I am only working in one area of the layout.

Dave Heine
Easton, PA

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The thinking has narrowed down to turning off the DCC portion of a layout. I started this thread thinking of a catastrophic failure somewhere on the layout. Lots of accessories are powered and a lot of lighting...... large transformers to boosters, etc.

When I smell smoke I don't want to spend time looking for where. I just want all the electricity OFF.

I will have one 120v feed to the layout, I want to chop it off at the source then do the trouble shooting later.

Ed S


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