Re: Emergency stop button -- IMHO

Flash Gordon


You  are correct, it took a month to get my  ESB but when you are retired you tend to plan ahead, and you really don't even know what day of the week it is. But it arrived all ready to go, no assembly or painting required.

If you remember the Ren an Stimpy show, this is my "end of the world button" and it will be mounted on the main control board.

Ed S

At 10:03 AM 2/13/2014, you wrote:

Not to nit-pick but: Switch .75, box, .39, cover .25


I was not concerned about cost as much as availability. These items can be found at any home center or hardware store.


The �Real� thing is hard to find locally.


I did look at the eBay vendor cited other items and found this 5-pack


If I bought today I wouldn�t receive them until between March 4th and 20th.




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