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Bill Wilken

I have only one Peco turnout on my layout, basically because I originally was discouraged by their comparatively high cost.  I must say, however, that Peco makes a very high quality product that completely avoids the hassles of wiring frogs associated with other products.  I suspect, however, that some may not like them owing to the fact that they do not lend themselves to highly realistic slow motion throws.

On 02/11/2014 06:27 PM, James McMahon wrote:

Thanks for the reply donV.
I set up a test passing siding track with Peco code 83 insulfrog turnouts & wonder why it is said these turnouts are not power routing?With the tracks lined up for the main line the siding is dead.If I turn 1 or the other turnout for the siding it has power.
Is this not power routing.
No insulated joints used only nickel silver.

Jim McMahon

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> Jim,
> As long as you know the drill about when to isolate the frog rails on turnouts that power route and are sure that the Peco turnout you are adding does not power route, there is no need to supply any gaps or insulated joiners to extend power from Track #1 to the other stub sidings. Simply wire the new turnout and siding tracks from the track power wires of #1, and they simply become an extension of track #1.
> DonV
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> I have an 11 track staging track working with detection & using Walthers Shinohara code 83 turnouts & all detection sections double gaped with insulated joiners working no problems.
> I now have a Peco code 83 insulfrog turnout with the detection track #1 leading into the turnout coming straight out of the turnout the track is a dead end I would like to have it as a continuation of detection track #1.
> The other track is also a dead end no detection.
> Do I have to have 4 gaps or just use NS joiners in this instance?
> I have other Peco code 83 insulfrog turnouts with detection & all 4 tracks gaped with insulated joiners.
> All help appreciated.
> Jim McMahon
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