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I am a newbie to DCC and am trying to figure out the best way to wire. My HO gauge set has 3 lines and a train yard. The lines are 36, 20 and 15 feet long. They go over and under each other so I've read that my track feeders usually 22awg) would be fed by a block bus (say 18awg). The block bus then feeds off the power bus (12-14awg) and this is where the detector sits. (Not sure what a Detector means)

So would a Block Bus follow the lines meaning my power bus is pretty short? Any input would be welcome. Thanks...Johnny J
I know it has been a month since I first asked the group for wiring ideas but I finally got my layout in a digital form. I put it out there and would love wiring ideas. Should I have one power bus line with three block lines? Or three bus lines with track lines just coming off those bus lines? What is better? Thanks...Johnny

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