ST&E Tray Modules = My Father's Son's N Scale layout.

Mark Cartwright


Thought I would share my concept of tray modules  - So uploaded a few pictures. They are in the Stockton, Tuolumne and Eastern folder.  These are mostly 16' x 24" modules - Not much bigger than a dinner tray. They are designed with the use of Kato Unitrak.   They are a half inch inside diameter.  The inside can hold battery holders and other lighting controls. Also you can see how one tray module can be lifted out and carried to a workbench of added detail. (Sorry, these photos may have a different central theme. - They were taken to show mostly what is on top of them - Not the tray module itself.)
The actual layout is on a whole different floor of my house. They were designed to be easily moved. for many reasons. The kato unitrak for the most part floats on top of them and can also quickly be disassembled.  I tend to mock up 10 at a time, experiment with grades and track, as I attempt to fit buildings. Landscaping to be filled in at a much later date.
Just for a bit of knowledge. My two computer systems came out with a Grade of 2 % at around 100 inches. However, by decreasing this grade a smidgen, adding a short length of track to each end of a turnout or curve - Made for a much smoother transition .. Seems my N Scale locomotives have no issues at less than a 2% grade. II highly recommend it.   The 5 tray modules changed to a 115 inches.  - 4 - 16" x24" tray modules and the final corner one became 16" x  20 inches.  This fits the widest ready made double curve from kato from a V-16. This transitions around into a set of switches over an inside track with a crossover. Beyond this and around another curve comes a V-17 set towards a High Speed Rail System perched above the traffic below. 

Wiring this all for DCC? Well Good Luck with that! 
So far I am running it in batches as I build.
:)) Mark

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