Re: DCC journey What is best for your Father's Son?


Hi Chuck:

I do like your tip up layout. Wiring with it up should be nice. And I like the storage too.

For now I have a "finished" layout.

Thanks, Carl.
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Another option to consider: see the pictures I posted of the tilted table construction, I am in the process of building to save space
The table fits thru a 36 wide door folded. its 5 x 8 but easily could be 5 x 9. I can roll it around the garage to get it out of the way, and it fits inside my trailer for transport. You just pull two pins and tilt it to the side.


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   A corner has to be a quarter the circumference of the circle (circle of track divided in half). Using the inside corner of your 2x2, the largest radius can only be around 20 inches and then only for you track is right on the edge of your modules. A second track would be about 17 inches/ maybe a tight 18, and so on. A 3x3 corner would give you almost a 36 inch radius for the outside track. With a 4x4 foot corner module you would have an 18 inch or better radius near the inside of your 2 foot module.  You could cookie cut the corner to minimize it some, you end up with a 6 sided module.
   For example, HO uses a 2 inch center but it has to increase to 2.5 in a curve because engines and cars hang over. You have to be at least an inch from the edge so if you had two tracks the inside track will be 1 + 2 +2.5 or 5.5 inches which makes the inside radius 24 -4.5 or 19.5 inches to the center of the inside track. You don't want track too close to the edge of any fall unless you plan to put in plastic guards. Graph paper is easier.
   I don't know the spacing of "O", "O-27", or O-N3, but I am sure it is more than double HO.
   I would suggest that you lay out your plan on graph paper, modules lay out nicely on it because the modules all have similar track layouts. Consider another problem or advantage, each module except the corner needs only two legs. When you go to train shows, look up the modular layouts, Ask the members where they screwed up and don't do that.
   Sorry so wordy.
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Hello John:

If HO layouts are built on 4x8 sheets of plywood, why can't you cut the plywood into eight 2x2 modules?

I know it might not match any module standard, but could fit some modules in a 4x8 space.

My O-27 modules matched no standards but their own. I had great fun sharing them and they met my needs at the time.


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   2x2 modules won't work, corners have to be 4x4 for a 2xX foot layout.

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