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The use of a switch for the programming track is to allow you to alternately run Full DCC power OR Programming power/signals from the PTB100 on the same piece of track. One can simply use a DPDT switch so that the power for that track section comes from either the DCC bus system or the PTB100 programming booster. The basic idea is to be able to run a loco from normal parts of the layout directly onto the programming track. [No need to lift and adjust wheels.] But be aware that the multi-axle pick-up will temporarily connect DCC rail power onto the programming track as it rolls in under DCC power even when the toggle switch is set for 'programming'.

So the big question is... Will there be any damage to the PTB100 if one should connect full DCC track voltage power onto the programming track terminals? I for one am not willing to challenge that answer. You can create a rule and rely on your operators to NEVER allow a powered loco to run onto the programming track while the selector switch is set for programming [and you know how that will turn out], OR you can add positive protection to prevent that from happening by using another part of the same switch (3or4-PDT) to create a sufficient dead zone leading up to the programming track when the switch is set for programming so that cannot accidently happen.

My PTB100 is always connected also (to the switch). Run the loco in. flip the sw to Programming. Do whatever. Flip the sw back to Normal and run the loco out.


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Most of the times I have seen a reference to a 4pdt switch, it is being used to create a isolated section of track between the layout and the programming track to prevent locomotives from being connected to both the programming track and the powered main tracks of the layout at the same time

Are you trying to use it this way or to way to operate your programming track with or without your PTB100? For what it is worth my PTB100 is always connected

Tom in Texas

Tom in Texas


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