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That is a perfectly good plan Ed. There is nothing wrong with having the entire yard part of an auto-reversing section. When is a high current condition sensed by the AR/CB, it will first try to reverse track polarity (the A-R part) then if the high current condition doesn't go away it will trip out on the overcurrent of a track short. (the CB part). All done in a split second. There may be other issues if your yard is double ended or has multiple entrances when there is more than one loco in motion at a time.

Note also that if your yard is single ended stub/storage tracks fed through a single switch on the wye the polarity can be controlled by the direction of the turnout leading into it. Use a relay or the DPDT switches inside a Tortoise. No need for an expensive auto-reverser.


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To all:

We all know that if you have a reverse loop, it has to be longer then the length of a train with lighted cars.

I have a situation where a yard is part of a wye. This yard will have lighted passenger cars or a caboose with markers.

My thinking is to is to isolate the whole yard with the wye and use a revereing circuit breaker to control it.

Any thoughts?

Ed S


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