Reality Check Needed - See File and/or Read Description

Rick Allison

I'm putting together my first layout in 40+ years-and I have a couple of wiring questions. I've read through Alan's website but have not found an example that matches my situation, so before I build it I thought it best to come here for a reality check.

The layout is a fairly simple 5x9 consisting of two concentric loops surrounding a figure 8. There is a Walthers/Shinohara "DCC-Friendly" double-crossover connecting the concentric loops at the 6 o'clock position, but wiring that should be pretty straightforward. Where it gets tricky is this:

There is also a double crossover between the inner loop and the left-hand lobe of the figure 8, at about the 11 o'clock position. The top of the right-hand lobe of the 8 is elevated over/above the inner loop, and there is a double-crossover between that right-hand lobe and the outer loop at about the 1 o'clock position.

Both of those double-crossovers each use a Walthers/Shinohara curved turnout plus three Atlas turnouts tied together with a 45-degree crossover. (See file HORRTG Layout Polarity Plan.jpg.)

My main question is: With insulating joiners separating the 45-degree crossovers from their respective inner and outer loops, can I use a single auto-reverser (like a Digitrax AR1) between my booster/bus and the figure 8, thereby reversing polarity on the entire figure 8 when an engine crosses over to or from either the inner or outer loops? Or do I need an auto-reverser near each of those double-crossovers? Or...?

Secondary question--although it's a small layout running 3 engines tops, is it worth setting up those two crossovers in such a way as to prevent two engines hitting the reversing figure 8 at more or less the same time (wiring the switches to ensure only one crossover can diverge at a time, or wiring the crossovers with a sensor so that if one is in use the other is de-powered, for example?).
Sorry for the lengthy description; hopefully I've got the ''HORRTG Layout Polarity Plan' file or Picture uploaded correctly to better explain what I'm trying to do...

Thanks in advance for your guidance,

- Rick

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