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Your not stuck with the large default LCD based hand controller (ProCab).  NCE has 5 smaller throttles to choose that are all about running trains.

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Dan hear, I have both systems.  I started of with a Digitrax Cheif, added radio.  A fiend had a NCE system and I ended up buying the NCE Power Pro with radio, added a NCE Power Cab with radio.  I ended up giving my Digitrax system to my son.  The only thing I don't like about the NCE system is The size of the hand controller. Thats my only complaint. 
Dan in Longview, WA.

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That's great but, would you consider Digitrax?. Its amongst  the most popular DCC system out there. It can be run as simply or as complex as you can imagine. 
Sites you can visit are DCCfor everyone, Digitrax of course and DCC-Sound. Great enthueism!, Look at different systems before you make that purchase. Good Luck Bill Teeters Chicago,Peoria and Western ho RR. as seen on

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I already built the table(4x8) and I'm stuck. I'm very patient (2 years and counting), my wife has given me the thumbs up sign. I was going to just DC but when I caught a glimpse of DCC I was hooked. Here's the question: Should I purchase a Bachmann commander 00501 DCC ready set or wait and piece together a better set?
P.s. My has been so great in my endeavor I want to share in the construction.
Thanks again,
Bruce Bailey

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