Re: DCC journey What is best for your Father's Son?



Another way to start a layout is Modules. You could build four 2x2 corners and two 2x4 straight modules. Each module you build will be better than the last until you replace the first with something better. Till then you can move the parts around to fill any room, or your back yard. This is what I did. I had modules that could build a 14' x 42' with a turntable and a 9 track yard. I ran a lot of trains. Then my dream layout construction caught up to where I needed the turntable. I gave the modules to the local club so they had something to run. I learned a lot and gained many skills.

I have a major Digitrax control system and it works fine for me. I like the size of the UT-4 controllers and they do everything I wish. The radio system is OK too.

Good luck, Carl.

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