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Kurt Konrath

Different systems cost differ greatly.  One question we need to be answered is how many engines and what scale you are in.  Also do you plan to expand past a 4x8 or not.   If you can provide some more info the group will provide you with a lot more valid of an answer. 

Kurt Konrath
Oklahoma City

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I already built the table(4x8) and I'm stuck. I'm very patient (2 years and counting), my wife has given me the thumbs up sign. I was going to just DC but when I caught a glimpse of DCC I was hooked. Here's the question: Should I purchase a Bachmann commander 00501 DCC ready set or wait and piece together a better set?
P.s. My has been so great in my endeavor I want to share in the construction.
Thanks again,
Bruce Bailey

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