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Richard Sutcliffe

I have used these strips to light several HO coaches.
Added a resistor to control the lighting brightness a bit. No rectifiers or regulators. These are in waltzers cars with all wheel pickup.
No issues with flickering, or back voltage on DCC.

I have also taken a few LEDs from strips for other applications, and, in a frugal manner, saved the "resistors".
After some of the comments I decided to test these "resistors" and found they appear to be current limiting diode packages.
In one direction they indicate about 5k resistance and in the other direction infinite resistance.
Are these the illusive current limiting diodes we have been looking for for other single LED installations?

Dick Sutcliffe
General Manager
Bradley, Roger & Tidewater Rwy.
Cariboo Traction Company

On 2014-01-30, at 2:43 PM, Ed S wrote:


If this is what you have: 

They are set up for 12V DC with a resistor built in every 3 LED's.  No diode included.

I use these on my pontoon boat and they work well.  They are very bight on a car battery, we look like a party boat... well we are LOL.

 I have extras that I plan to cut. You can cut them every 3 LEDs. there is a spot to solder new leads.

For others interested these come in different colors and lengths plus you do not need the water proof ones. 

But realize they expect to see 12V DC  so you need add another resistor for DCC and a diode. I use a diode bridge and a battery, not a capacitor.

Ed S

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