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Your getting caught up on the name, an LED will only work in one direction, hence the word diode in the name.  However, they will not work to stop “back” voltage/reverse voltage, most of the LEDs today the reverse voltage is half or less of the forward voltage.  The standard diode has anywhere from equal to up to normally four times the back voltage, and I say normally because I find one with, if I remember right it was 10 to 12 times the back voltage, but I am not spending $182 for a diode.  Remember the resistor only limits current not voltage, so the EE’s tell me, I never understood that completely.


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So why do you need another diode in the circuit being discussed?

Ed S

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Yep led is a diode ... Light Emitting Diode.
Andrew wood
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Aren't LED's actually diodes? I do not power anything from the DCC power so I don't know how it would work.  I am greedy and don't want to share it with the locos's.

I use a separate DC bus for accessories. I want it to be clean because I also power some electronics.

Ed S

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