Re: Coach Lighting

Max Maginness

Just don’t look for a “59 volt” one  - my fumble fingering, I meant 50 volts (such as a 1N4001 or use any of the 1N400x series rated at successively higher reverse voltages.)




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Thanks that makes sense. I will include a diode if I decide to power
LEDs from the track.

Ed S

At 10:14 PM 1/29/2014, you wrote:
>LED's will stand only a few volts (5-7) in reverse from the normal
>polarity for lighting them. If on DCC they are under reverse voltage
>half the time. If you have 2 or 3 in series the reverse voltage
>might divide evenly, but very unlikely, so it's best to prevent
>stressing the LED's by adding a regular diode as well. These are
>usually have minimum reverse rating of at least 59 volts so more
>than adequate for DCC track voltage levels. And yes someone may be
>using them without diodes and so far nothing happened, but that's no
>substitute for a little proper engineering.

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