Re: Coach Lighting

Flash Gordon


Yes I am looking into the same ideas, especially for reverse loop indicators.

But the question is why do you need a diode in series with a string of LED's inside a passenger coach. A resistor yes but why a diode?

Ed S

At 10:04 PM 1/29/2014, you wrote:

Hello Ed:

We use them as indicators for track power. I've put one on the town panel and also one on the distribution panel so I know where the power is. On the HO layout we use the frog power contacts to power LED signals. If I were wiring a layout from scratch one wire from the frog could power LED indicators on control panels. And they would be feeding back actual point position. At reversing loops we use the LEDs to indicate if the polarity is correct. LEDs don't draw much amperage so it really doesn't interfere with locomotive's motors, a big draw if they are running full.


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