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The only problem with track pick-up is if you have reverse loops. I have 2 loops and a Wye so track pick up can lead to a problem on long passenger cars.

So here is what I am doing. I am mounting 2 AA rechargeable batteries in each car. When they are in the passenger station I will have a special pick up so the batteries only charge there from a separate power supply.

The battery holders and power supplies are cheap on e-bay.

No extra parts and they do not flicker.... kinda cool when you shut down the system the passenger lights stay on and slowly dim down.

Ed S

At 05:11 PM 1/29/2014, you wrote:

Thanks John. I'm using DCC and a strip of LEDs, about 12 diodes on strip (varies for different makes of coach). I'm a bit unsure how to calculate current draw other than measuring it as no data sheet for LEDs in question. From that I can get wattage, right?
I also have some supercapacitors I'd like to use to eliminate flicker, but they are rated 5.6V, I believe. Is there a way to work them into the circuit or is that a bridge (no pun intended) too far?

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