Re: DCC Track Design for review

Brian Eiland

To tell the truth, I'm getting tired of this mess about signing in and security and finding certain web pages, and on and on and on,,,,etc  ....on Yahoo in particular !!

All I am doing is trying to participate in a forum discussion. How is that going to be a security risk? I'm over in Thailand at the moment visiting with my wife, ...and noe Yahoo tells me they don't recognize me at the moment, and they want me to fill out this long form and pick YET ANOTHER new password that I will have to try and remember along with a couple hundred other ones I have!. Its just not worth my time any longer....sorry, I can only remember just a certain number of passwords and variations on same.

On Thu, Jan 23, 2014 at 4:25 AM, Scott H. Haycock <shhaycock@...> wrote:

You aren't looking in the Yahoo Group, but in a blog. Try this: 

Scott Haycock
Modeling Tarheel country in the Land of Enchantm


I still don't see "files" on either of these pages??

Sorry, Perhaps I'm just computer 'challenged'

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