Hello Group,
Allan the Topic 'DCC Track Design for Review' is turning out to be a huge learning curve, covering almost all aspects of modern DCC wiring based on modelers experience.I'm not saying old is bad,but there are some very good summaries of 'Best Practices' as it were.
Hows about You (Its your group) choosing the best reply to various topics and asking that person to rewrite a succinct article about that topic and you then list it under BEST PRACTICES. You know who are regular contributers to your site and who gives good sound practical advice, time and again. At the end of the day we will end up with a 'Wiring for DCC set of Standards' Your web pages are a wealth of information , dont get me wrong, but I for one need a summary, then a referal to a greater indeapth review on that topic.
Good or Bad idea?? Who you choose is YOUR choice--NO debate--Articles and Topics are requested BY YOU. Only you can add them to the BEST PRACTICES file as it were.
Doc Colin

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