Re: DCC Track Design for review

Chuck Stiles


I will probably tie most block to the Buss
I'm thinking some block occupancy detection in the future for signals
Most will be tied to terminal strips in the event I need troubleshooting
I may try light bulbs for short detection
I'd rather have more feeders now than try to add them in the future
I will probably be the lone operator 


On Wednesday, January 22, 2014 11:01 PM, Paul O wrote:
Chuck, it looks like a good plan.
One question: It looks like you have about 25 separate blocks. What is you plan for these blocks?
n  Individual circuit breakers?
n  Auto light bulbs?
n  Grouping them to a terminal block for troubleshooting ease?
The reverse loop shouldn’t be a problem so long as the isolated section is longer than any train you plan to run thru it.
Do you plan to be a lone operator or have multiple operators?
Paul O
From:  Chuck Stiles

Hi I'm new to the group and DCC but not to the hobby
Its been over 30 years since I built my last layout (a lot has changed since then)
I have been doing a lot of reading & research. I designed a new layout 5 x 8'  the table is built and ready to go (you can see it in the FILES section) "Final Layout for Review" 
I am proficient with auto cad so after I tried some of the available free programs like Any Rail I decided to do it in autocad so I can get may track spacing and radius geometry correct.
I have Purchased Peco electrofrog turn out switch Peco 100 Flex Track its going over an old school cork roadbed and ballast
I have purchased tortoise switch machines as well
I built the Walthers Turntable and its ready for install
The uploaded drawing shows my proposed track layout with isolator locations track feed locations and block identification
I plan on wiring the elecrofrog thru the tortoise as per many online recommendations I have read  
The purchase of the other DCC controls I have not fully decided on, I am planning on building a fascia control panel for switch control as well as control from a handheld throttle. In the future I would like to experiment with PC control using JMRI software (but one step at a time).
I'm welcoming anyone to look at my plan and see if I may have over looked something thus far before a start making things permanent. 
There is a reversing section across the middle that I had concerns about wiring a reversing module
Chuck Stiles

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