Re: DCC Track Design for review

Chuck Stiles

The outside tracks are intended for passenger service with a bypass for northbound and southbound trains where I have located the passenger platforms and station I preserved a lot of the buildings I had from 35 years ago and will be using them on the layout

The inner loop and sidings are for freight. point to point operation
I can run many different route throughout, twice around, point to point, reverse loop, etc

The era is not defined: combination steam diesel

The layout is a 5 x 8, I designed a custom table for my garage. I will share the plans and pictures with the group. The table sits on a sturdy base with locking casters so I have 360 access under the table is a display case for my rolling stock when not in use, and two 30" cabinets for storage. The top pivots and locks so I can roll it to the side when not in use. the whole thing will roll thru a standard 36" door and fit in a utility trailer for transport. 

Thanks for the comments on the wiring, confirming my wiring.

On Thursday, January 23, 2014 4:20 AM, railandsail wrote:

I still don't see "files" on either of these pages??

Sorry, Perhaps I'm just computer 'challenged'

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