Re: DCC Track Design for review

Annette and Dante Fuligni


I am not surprised by your experience. My approximately 8’ x 12’ doughnut with a relatively dense amount of track and many turnouts works very well without the usually recommended “feeder to every rail” or “solder every joiner” practices. When I first tested it with DC, I used only one set of temporary feeders. When I did DCC (Digitrax Zephyr Extra 3 amp), I placed feeders where needed because of frog isolation gaps (I have a few older power-routing turnouts). Rail ends were treated with No-Ox before joining and the W/S joiners on W/S Code 83 track are very snug compared to those by Atlas. The voltage level is even throughout. All locations respond to the “quarter test”. Admittedly, the room is climate-controlled. If I ever have to, I can add feeders and/or solder joiners (in-place). Why do all that extra work in the beginning (unless later access will be difficult)?


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