Re: DCC Track Design for review

Brian Eiland

I guess I'm just confused by all the 'stuff' left in each email. Nobody tends to clean up all this extraneous mess that comes with each email notice,...and those very similar addresses are confusing to me.

I participate on a number of boating forums that are much clearer than this yahoo stuff,(to me anyway). And this RR forum is easier for me to understand....layout I once had....

Here is a 5x9 layout I once saw on Ebay and thought to buy. It seems to offer a lot in a relatively small footprint. Lets see if I can attach a photo to this forum discussion?, but here is a link

I had wanted to see your choice of a layout, but having trouble getting to the photo/dwg

On Thu, Jan 23, 2014 at 12:31 PM, Paul O <pomilian@...> wrote:
Brian, the file is not on the ‘’ web site, it on the Yahoo Group WiringforDCC site.

Paul O


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