Re: DCC Track Design for review


Hi Gang:

Second try, it is in the files:

You need the full name to find it: "Final Layout for review".

Share your goals for your layout. The tracks run very close to the edges for any scenery.  The four parallel tracks look like they have a station between them. Are you interested in passenger service? Only a few sidings so perhaps not freight switching. Turntable and round house so the age of steam?

Do you plan to move the layout often? Can you work it from all sides? What space do you have available?

Electrically it is simple, plenty of blocks and only one reversing track, the green diagonal, if you don't count the turntable track.

Let us know. Carl

On 1/23/2014 12:42 AM, Carl wrote:

Hi Gang:

How about coping the web link so we all don't need to waste time searching at all?

I think I found it in photos:

Files had no "Layout for Review".


On 1/22/2014 10:52 PM, Paul O wrote:

Railandsail, go to the WiringForDCC Yahoo group; on the left side, click on FILES.

The first half of that section is folders and the second half is individual files.

Scroll down until you come to "Layout for Review".


Paul O


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How do you find that "FILES" section, and your "Layout for Review" ??

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