10 amp booster Re: DCC Wiring - Can it cause a fire?


What would the ohms be on a 10 amp booster?
I’m in 2 rail O Scale
Bill Kozel

From: Steve Haas
Sent: Tuesday, January 21, 2014 11:52 PM
Subject: RE: [WiringForDCC] Re: DCC Wiring - Can it cause a fire?

<<If there is a highly resistive connection somewhere in the wiring that is more than about 2.8 ohms when using a 5Amp booster and there is a short circuit on the track,  that resistive point is where all the heat will be because the booster will not have shutdown but instead deliver full power.>>

A local layout has hand laid track and turnouts with powered frogs.  The original track layers and electricians were not too careful about where they cut the gaps beyond turnouts.  We’ve lost the side frames of two different engines to excessive heat when the front wheel set of the engines spanned the gap that isolated the frog from the yard track. 

Good construction minimizes a host of errors – keep those gaps inside the fouling point of your turnouts and equipment and it will reduce the number of problems due to shorts by reducing the possibility of shorts.

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