Re: DCC Wiring - Can it cause a fire?


Thanks for that tid-bit!!!!
Bill Kozel

Sent: Monday, January 20, 2014 2:28 PM
Subject: RE: [WiringForDCC] DCC Wiring - Can it cause a fire?

In general, a circuit breaker doesn’t know the difference between 5 amps of load, 5 amps caused by a short with the current limited by inadequate wiring, or 5 amps caused by a higher impedance short that limits the current to 5 amps by itself.  In this case, I would suspect a short with inadequate wiring or some sort of higher impedance short.

I knew better, but on a previous layout, I let my track laying get ahead of my wiring.  I had about 25’ of track (50’ of Code 70 rail) beyond the last set of track feeders.  I was test running an engine, it derailed and caused a short.  Because of the resistance of all the rail, the current level was held below the value for the protection to trip the power (5A).  I had to shut off the power manually.  The short was on long enough to melt the Kadee coupler box on the tender of a brass locomotive.

Dave Heine

Easton, PA



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