Re: DCC Wiring - Can it cause a fire?


DCC does not have a lot to do with it. Power is power. A short circuit in a DC layout could generate the same amount of power just as easy.
When is the last time you heard of a DC layout causing a fire. If the wiring is under sized and you get a short, the wires could heat up and
cause a fire without tripping a fuse or circuit breaker. This is why fuses/circuit breakers are selected to protect the wire. The wire should be
selected to handle the maximum current. Too many people select the fuse/ circuit breaker according to what the power supply can put out
and don't pay any attention to wire size. This is dangerous!

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A friend told me that he knew of a situation where a DCC system left on heated up the wires, especially the track feeders, so that a fire started all along under the track. He said the fire official told them that it looked like the fire was started and spread along the line of the track. He then went on to say that at 5 amps and 16 volts, we have about 80 watts going, quite a bit more than the average soldering iron, hence the fire potential. It is not known if there were separate circuit breakers.

I am a bit skeptical, but wondered if anyone on this list knows about this possibility.

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