Re: DCC Wiring - Can it cause a fire?


Hi Gang:

Years ago my electric water heater was struck by lightening. This burned through the heating element and allowed electricity in to the water. Nothing happened until I took a shower and the thermostat turned the water heater on. The water limited the current to less than the 30 amps the breaker allowed, but this was enough to melt the insulation on the wires to the water heater. I could smell the melting plastic and turned the power off. Then I put in a gas water heater.

So others are right: the power supply has to have the amps to trip the breakers. And the breakers should be sized to protect the wire from overheating if shorted, not the size of the power supply or booster. Each step in the power supply chain should have its own protection. Plus the wires attached to exposed metal rails and anything can short the circuit. Even moist ballast could carry current. I installed a 220 volt outlet once that unknown to me had been soaked in water for too long. When I turned on the breaker the outlet caught on fire shooting out flames, but didn't trip the breaker. I was there so I quickly turned the breaker off.


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