Re: Sub Bus "beyond" Main Bus

Flash Gordon


I am no expert but I have read the same literature as you. My layout will have the same problems as yours.... I will use main bus and sub bus with tail light bulbs.

The way I read it, the 30' limit includes anything attached to that wire including the sub bus and even the track. So any single "line" should stop at 30". BUT there is a cravat. If you use the RF filters then you can go well beyond the 30 feet.

Since I am a suspender/ belt person I will use the RF filter on all bus end and have them run a little beyond the end of the track.

Now others will pop in here and say they have run 50 foot bus with no problems. I understand that but DCC is so fickle there are too many variables to account for all conditions. I am sticking to this plan until experience proves it right or wrong.

Also I plan to build in sections and test the track and wiring with running trains, then move onto longer and longer bus.

Ed S

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