Sub Bus "beyond" Main Bus

Chris Richter

I have a 3 tiered layout that is nearing the build phase after 2 years planning! I have approx. 700" of track to lay down and after reading through Wiring for DCC's web site I have designed my layout to use the Bus/Sub-Bus wiring scheme. The layout room measures approx. 16' x 21' and I am hoping to go with 2 Boosters for the layout. At least that is my current thinking as I will be running short trains - trams, subways and suburban trains with 2, maybe 3 passenger trains (7-9 cars w/ 1 Lok). All in all I plan no more than 6-8 in operation at one time.

I have drawn up my wiring diagram and limited my Main Buses to 30' max from Booster output to the end. What I am interested in knowing is: Can the last Sub Bus off a Main Bus run "beyond" the Main Bus (for instance if it is a 12 foot Sub Bus can it run out 11+ foot (allowing for some overlap with the Main Bus to allow connection to it) beyond that 30" Main length?

I ask as I'm not an electrician and electrically it strikes me as I'm possibly pushing the envelope of the 30' max. of a Main Bus by doing this (my Mains will have RC Filters installed at their ends). However when I look at Mark Gurries "Dedicated Main Bus" drawing under "Block Wiring for Large Layouts" it appears that a Sub Bus does run past the end of the Main Bus (far left of this drawing).

Thanks for all the help WiringforDCC has already provided me and future guidance to come.  Chris

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