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It’s NOT + to + AND – to – (which would be connected in parallel). It is + to +  OR – to - then connect each of the other ends as if it is a single capacitor component into the circuit. Note that no matter which way the current flows one of the polarized capacitors will see the correct voltage polarity. Hence the term… non-polarized capacitor. When AC voltage and current is applied eventually each capacitor will end up charging and holding some DC voltage and acting as two capacitors in series. This why each capacitor needs 2X the capacitance to yield the desired value. 1/Ctotal = 1/C1 + 1/C2



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Jerry, that is a 'bipolar&#39; electrolytic capacitor; meaning it has no
specific + or - lead.

If you want to use a replacement to test the original, get two electrolytics
of twice the capacitance of the original and wire them in series, that is, +
to +, or, - to -.

Voltage rating of the new caps can be the same or higher.

Paul O

Thanks Paul.  I will give that a try, but isn't + to + and - to - parallel wiring? I thought series wiring would be + to - to + to -


Jerry Michels

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