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Paul O

Jerry, that is a ‘bipolar’ electrolytic capacitor; meaning it has no specific + or – lead.

If you want to use a replacement to test the original, get two electrolytics of twice the capacitance of the original and wire them in series, that is, + to +, or, - to -.

Voltage rating of the new caps can be the same or higher.


Paul O


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Well I have solved my lighting issues, and have everything working the way it needs to on two LifeLike PAs.  One remaining problem.  The sound does not work on one locomotive.  The wiring, capacitor and speaker are  identical to the first locomotive.  Is there a way to test the green/brown leads to test to tell if there is a signal going tot he speaker when the sound, such as the bell is turned on? 


 I am guessing that the audio portion of the decoder is blown, but would like to confirm that.  I have changed out the speaker with the same result. Will you damage the decoder or speaker by leaving the capacitor out?  I have not done this, but perhaps the cap is bad?




Jerry Michels

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