Re: HO Double X-Overs

Bill Wilken

I attempted to install two different Shinohara double crossovers, but abandoned them after encountering two problems.  First, my long wheelbase 4-8-4 locomotives didn't like the tight #6 configuration:  too much non-prototypical "jitterbugging" when crossing over.   Second, I learned the hard way that they must be installed perfectly level in all planes to avoid embarrassing power interruptions, especially to steam locomotives.

On 01/09/2014 04:55 PM, Redvdub1@... wrote:

Our club has two older Shinohara C100  #6 double crossovers with the metal throw bar and metal pivot ba plus insulfrogs.  We have some newer Shinohara C100 #6 double x-overs with the single metal throw bar and insulfrogs and we have a Walthers C83#6  DCC friendly double x-over with electrofrogs on the 4 turnouts and insulfrogs on the diamonds. 

The C100s look like the point-stock rail gaps might still be a problem with wheels shorting and the C83 looks like it might not short out but older engines may "bottom out" due to larger flanges.  Any experience with these x-overs?   Walthers says there are no plans for either Shinohara or Walthers to make truly DCC friendly code 100 double x-overs.  And we don't want to buy all the Fast Track equipment necessary to custom build DCC friendly C100 #6 (or #8) x-overs. 

Thanks for any advice. 
George T. Galyon
Olde Newburgh Model RR Club
Walden, New York

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