Re: tortoise switch machines vs peco point motors

Bernie Halloran

I should be made clear that installing Peco switch motors calls for a very large hole, a rectangular one at that, under the track, whereas a Tortoise only needs an easy-to-drill ~.5” hole. 
Tortoise motors can power Peco switches without removing the spring in them.  I love Pecos, wish they were price competitive, but they aren’t. 
I have discovered the sanest installation is the finger flicking Micro Engineering switch. Fallback position is the Atlas Superswitch, throw in a Caboose switch stand and the finger-flicker costs the same as the Atlas + Caboose thingie.
However, when it comes to hidden yards, slyly transitioning from Code 83 to Atlas flex and less expensive Peco code 100 switches makes perfect sense.  Why are Peco code 100 switches so much less expensive than their code 83?
Bernie Halloran

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