Re: Reverse Loop with Tortoise & Hare

Scott H. Haycock


I use this combination as well.  IIRC, No programming is required to get the autothrow to work. Double check your wiring. You may have your two trigger rails reversed. The instructions that come with the Hare are a little awkward, but by reading them over you may find something you missed.

Scott Haycock
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Hi Group, I'm new, but sure this has probably come up before.

I'm trying to automate a reverse loop with a T & H. I've wired 'trigger rails' prior to the entry and exit of the loop & programmed address 10 and CV 50 into the Hare and tried various combinations of values. I can trigger the Tortoise with the NCE Procab, so I know that part of the system's working. I suspect the problem will be somewhere in my programming. Can anyone give advice please?


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