Re: Wiring Setup

Scott H. Haycock

The previously mentioned CadRail works for this. While it won't read you plan, you can import it and trace over it. You can draw electrical circuits and wiring diagrams. Use it to layout a control panel, and print out a template to drill holes for switches and lights. It can print out a track plan for the track diagram on your panel. In short, anything you can draw on a drafting board you can draw in CadRail, and more. They have a trial version you can play with to see how it works. There is also a Yahoo group to help with the program.    

Scott Haycock
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Ok I know this is off topic but I am pulling out what little hair I have left.

Does anyone know of software that will help me design a control panel for my layout?  (It'd be extra nice if it could 'read' AnyRail plans)


Bob P.

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