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I used Cadrail from Sandia Software and it worked well for me.

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I only have my layout on a drawn form and it's very ugly. What digital program can be used to draw the tracks? Input on how to layout the wiring would be extremely helpful. Johhny J

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Welcome to DCC Johnny.

When you say 'detector', are you meaning a device to detect a train in
a block, or are you referring to a circuit breaker to isolate your 3
lines in case of a short on one line?

If you would upload a drawing (to the PHOTOS or FILES area) of your
track plan showing how you plan to do your blocks and busses we would
be happy to offer our suggestions. (Not that you'd have to follow them
of course. J)

Paul O

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I am a newbie to DCC and am trying to figure out the best way to wire.
My HO gauge set has 3 lines and a train yard. The lines are 36, 20 and
15 feet long. They go over and under each other so I've read that my
track feeders usually 22awg) would be fed by a block bus (say 18awg).
The block bus then feeds off the power bus (12-14awg) and this is
where the detector sits. (Not sure what a Detector means)


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