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Mark Gurries

Right and it says that in the Prodigy Express manual that you need the Advanced Throttle to read CV's.   I assume the person has the correct throttle when stating he cannot read CV's.   OTherwise there are a lot of bad rumors going around about the Express that are really operators errors.

Needing a programming track booster is a common problem that effects many DCC systems and not just MRC.

So at face value, again I cannot find anything specifically that says the Express should have more problem than any other Prodigy MRC system.

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Mark, The Prodigy Express, as sold with the Express throttle, is not able to read CVs, set routes, use fast clock, use accessory decoder functions or set a universal consist.
  Adding a Prodigy Advance throttle enables all the above mentioned features, making it basically an Advance system except for the 1.6 Amp current rating.
Reading CVs (with Advance throttle) requires a program track booster.
Paul O
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The product is advertised as being able to do reads on the Programming Track and I have not seen much discussion about not able to read on the MRC-DCC forum that specifically points to the express command station.
Are you saying you cannot read ANY decoder or just some decoders?
There are lots of reasons why a given command station cannot read a decoder especially if they are sound decoders.

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