Re: DCC locomotives won't run

Flash Gordon


Good to find another antique user. 

Like I said before I have two Command 2000 hooked to a MRC splitter and can program 20 addresses. I have a drawing in the group DCC4EVERYONE.

I also have a program track isolated from the main and a resistor with it.

Here is a site on how to build your own walk around throttles and other modifications to the 2000. He also shows a memory walk around.

The most difficult part is taking the 2000 apart, he has instruction there. I had to buy a special security driver bit.

I guess that is why I still use them, they are hackable and cheap enough to lose one now and then. I now have two bakcups.

Ed S

At 11:57 PM 12/29/2013, you wrote:

I have the Command 2000's as well. What I like most about them is the fact
you have simultaneous control of 3 locos, 5 if you have the walk around. No
need to toggle between them.

The only problem I have had with decoders is running the locos on an NCE
layout as I posted earlier.

My Command 2000's came with a resistor so you can connect to a programming
track. I just added a SPDT switch to change between the programming track
and the main.


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