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Ross Kudlick



You might try this programming:


CV19=0  (make sure you are not in an Advanced Consist)

CV1=3  (default address for a “new” decoder)

CV29=6 (default setting for a ”new” decoder)


Now see if it responds to address 3.




Ross Kudlick


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These engines are straight Athearn DCC-Ready RS3’s from 2006.  They did not come with decoders at all.  Someone installed them in the units prior to my purchase.  Not only that, but they removed DCC ready-plugs and hard-wired the decoder to the loco circuit board.  No sound, just DCC.  Not sure where you’d even fit sound into one of these, there’s not a lot of extra room in there. 

It appears the units were just consisted together as a pair.  Resetting CV19 to 0 on one unit solved the problem; it now runs, although it has broken gear syndrome to repair yet.

The other one, well, I don’t know what I did to it, it now won’t do anything.  Either I accidentally changed the address to something goofy the other night and that’s why it no longer responds to the ones I try with it, or maybe I flat out killed the decoder, but either way figuring it out is beyond the capability of my system.


That because it’s a Prodigy Express, the el-cheapo basic unit.  An internet search looking for the manual also turned up a Model Railroader forum post explaining the pros and cons on these and turns out it’s flat out not able to read back CV values.  So I’m going to take it to one of the local clubs or somebody with a better system and see if we can’t sort it out that way. 

Which, the Express was just intended for running a basic one-train layout, when I bought it advanced features weren’t really a consideration.  I’m not interested in sound or anything too out there.  That said, it looks like I can upgrade it simply by buying an Advance throttle (which has CV reading capability and better features), so I’ll pick one up at some point.  





Thanks -



Bill K.

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