Re: DCC locomotives won't run

Marcus Ammann

Hi Bill

Does the box that the loco came in or the Instructions, say the locos are
equipped with sound?

How many wires come out of the decoder?

White shrink wrap suggests to me the decoder is a Soundtraxx DSX, sound only
decoder but I don't know what colour of the shrink wrap of the Digitrax or
MRC sound decoders.

Taking a closer inspection of the wiring and Circuit Board, could it be that
these installations need a second decoder.

In any event, READ CV 8 on the Program Track and that will tell you/us who
made the decoder. See the NMRA Manufacturer List at:



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Shrink is white.

Engines are 2006 releases. Weird thing is they came with a ready-plug, and
the plugs are in the package where they were removed from them.

Will play with them some more when I get a chance -

Thanks guys

Bill K.

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