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Thanks guys!  If I had done this to begin with I would have seen you are correct. I like the idea of it being isolated incase of expansion but still wired off the main as well.  And yes I am planning on running loan wolf, my help is an artist who is only interested in doing the scenery and not operating it.

Since to start with I only have 1 engine (we know that's not gonna last!) for now I don't think I will exceed the capacity.  Yet.

Thanks for the help,
Bob P.

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Bob, you don’t have a polarity problem in your figure 8.
Pick a starting point; put your finger on a rail; trace that rail all around the 8; when you get back to where you started, you are still on the same rail.
No problem feeding from the lower level, just don’t cross the bus wires.
Second power district is up to you:
n  Do you plan on running lone wolf? Then it doesn’t matter if the whole layout goes down with a short.
n  Multiple users? Power districts and/or circuit breakers are a good idea.
Even if you decide on no power districts, it might be a good idea to put some insulated joiners in case you decide later to subdivide.
Just wire to the common bus now and separate later if necessary.
One cab can run the entire layout as long as you don’t exceed capacity of the system.
Paul O
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Subject: [WiringForDCC] 90 degree cross overs - HELP!!!
  OK here is hoping I can describe what I am trying to do clearly.
 I am trying to set up a second level to my layout and it is going to have what amounts to is a figure 8 layout.  I know enough to see that my 'outer' rail will get converted to a 'inner' but I am confused.  How do I switch polarity? To make matters worse I plan to have it "fed" from the lower set of track via a turn out,  I have a couple of questions if you don't mind.
1. Can I run this upper level with the same NCE Procab system that I am using on the lower level?
2. Do I need a second power district/system?
Here is a link to a copy of the image. 
This image link might work as well. [url=][img][/img][/url]
Bob P.

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